Animal x-ray and ultrasound

Animal x-ray & ultrasound

Pet x-rays

At our Cranleigh and Newdigate clinics we have full digital X-ray facilities. These are very useful tools in diagnosing a range of conditions from fractures to heart disease but also for elective procedures such as BVA hip scoring for breeding dogs. The digital facilities make processing the x-rays very quick so we can get the answers we need swiftly. It also enables us to email images to specialists should referral or advice be required for complicated cases.

Ultrasound for your pet

Ultrasound for your pet

We are proud to offer an ultrasound facility to our clients. Ultrasound is a non-invasive way of imagining structures inside the body. It is an invaluable tool in investigating and diagnosing a wide range of medical conditions such as heart and liver disease. Ultrasound enables us to take a good look at the structure of the internal organs giving us detailed information that cannot be obtained by Xray alone and due to its noninvasive nature we can do this with the minimum amount of stress.

Our ultrasound machine is portable so when being used for routine procedures such as pregnancy diagnosis and staging, this can be carried out in the clinic or in your home if you prefer.