Animal ophthalmology

Animal ophthalmology

Pet ophthalmology

At The House Vet, we perform ophthalmic examinations for a range of small animals and treat conditions like corneal ulcers, entropion (in-turning of the eyelids), dry eye, inflammation of the eye, glaucoma, tumours and retinal diseases.

The health and function of your pet’s eyes are a vital part of their well-being. If you notice any changes in your pets’ vision or the way their eyes look, let us know. There is usually something that can be done before it becomes a bigger problem.

Eye vet clinic

Veterinary eye care

We have a variety of modern diagnostic techniques and tests at our disposal, to identify any eye problems in your pet. As they age, dogs and cats can develop high blood pressure which can harm their eyes permanently. This can be detected early with a straightforward blood pressure check. Another common condition to affect cats and dogs is dry eye, which causes them to cease producing tears, resulting in an uncomfortable gritty feeling in their eyes. Let us know if your pet consistently has eye infections.