Saira and Maggie Lansdown - Mayford, Surrey
I first met Alyson "The House Vet" outside a pet store in Ripley where she was offering advice to shoppers. I have a 3 year old Chihuahua called Maggie who suffers with blocked anal glands. I asked Alyson for some advice on what I could do to prevent my monthly visits to the vets to get the glands sorted. Alyson not only gave some great advice, she also showed me how to empty the glands myself. Maggie had always cried and on some occasions squealed when having her glands emptied, however with Alyson she was perfectly at ease and I noticed how gentle Alyson was with her. I must stress that this consultation (because that is exactly what it was) was carried out free of charge, something that I would normally pay £36.00 for.
Unfortunately I am unable to empty Maggie's glands (I just can't get it right) so Alyson comes to my house most months to carry out the treatment. I have not only noticed that Maggie is less stressed by these visits, I have also noticed a significant drop in my vet bills!
The service I have received from Alyson, Denise and the team is nothing short of fantastic. On one occasion I made a call to Alyson when Maggie had taken ill very quickly, and within an hour she was at my house and had not only diagnosed the issue but had solved it.
I would never go back to a surgery unless it was owned and managed by Alyson. Gone are the days of having an allotted 10 minute slot, Alyson does not leave the house until she is happy that Maggie is ok and that she has covered all bases.
I have recommended Alyson to all of my fellow pet owners and we all agree that she along with her team is the best. Personable, friendly, compassionate, caring, professional and knowledgeable are all attributes that Alyson and her team share.

Kim, Bobby and Doris - Send, Surrey
Alyson and her team have been looking after my two Persian cats (Bobby and Doris) since I moved to Surrey 1 year ago.
I was so relieved when I found The House Vet. Both Bobby and Doris are rescue cats and came with various ailments that require regular visits to the vets. Bobby is a naturally large cat weighing in at 7kg, so getting him to the vets is a mission in itself without the stress it causes him. Doris is very fragile and upsets easily, so trips to the vets would cause her to be ill for at least 5 days after a visit.
Both Bobby and Doris require monthly visits from Alyson, by taking them to a surgery this would cause them and me untold stress. There are no time restrictions, checks how the cats have been since her last visit and then carries out the necessary treatment, taking care to make sure the cats are comfortable before she leaves.
The advice I have received regarding both cats diets have helped with their health and wellbeing and I have noticed a dramatic change in both of them.
I no longer need to worry about ordering and collecting the prescription food that both cats have, all of this is sorted by Alyson and her team.
I have no hesitation what so ever in recommending Alyson to any prospective clients, she has made my life and my cats lives less stressful. I cannot thank Alyson and the team enough for their continued support and caring nature.

Alyson has treated our 3 Saluki Lurchers, 2 Shelties plus a succession of fostered Lurchers for over 2 years now and, quite honestly, I cannot imagine seeing another vet. It was obvious from the first time we met her that the wellbeing of our pets is as important to her as it is to us and, I have no doubt that her skill and in depth knowledge of sighthounds has saved the lives of at least 3 dogs in our care, including our own very precious 18 year old! I'm absolutely delighted that she has now gone mobile: The dogs love it and are much more relaxed because they are in their own environment - they all greet her like a familiar friend when she arrives - and, if they do need tests or procedures they are noticeably more compliant. I cannot recommend her highly enough or ever thank her enough for the care and support she has given us.

A.G. - Merrow, Surrey
Absolutely brilliant veterinary care. The combination of Alyson's skill, caring, approachability and 100% attentiveness is, in my view, unbeatable. She sorted in a few weeks a problem with my dog's leg which had, for eighteen months, remained unresolved by specialist vets. How I would love to wear a medic-alert bracelet engraved with "In case of accident please take me to The House Vet!"

Sarah - Cranleigh, Surrey
Acupuncture has really helped my old staffy's arthritis - Alyson explained it clearly to us and took her time to increase the treatment as needed. Apart from the pins... my dog enjoyed the opportunity for extra strokes

I can always rely on Alyson to help my dogs as soon as she can. Her friendly rapport in our home environment makes a 'trip ito the vet' so much less stressful which is an ideal way for my rescue dogs to get the treatment they need