Home Visits

All our consultations are held in your own home. This eliminates the stress of a clinic visit and enables us to assess your animal in their own environment. Each consultation in your home will offer the same services as you would expect in a vet clinic consulting room but in an unhurried, relaxed home environment.


We thoroughly recommend that all dogs, cats and rabbits are vaccinated against the serious diseases that can be protected against. If you have any concerns about vaccination or the protocols and options for your specific pet, please call us to discuss it.

Nurse Clinics

Nurse appointments are available on request to our clients who have already received a veterinary visit and assessment. These appointments are available for:

1. Post operative examinations
2. Bandage changes
3. Second vaccinations
4. Weight watcher clinics
5. Nail clipping

And many more... Please call us if you wish to request a nurse visit.


We are now proud to offer an ultrasound facility to our clients. Ultrasound gives us the ability to look directly inside an animal at the structure of their internal organs. It is a pain free non invasive procedure and a very useful diagnostic tool. On a day to day basis ultrasound can be used in pregnancy diagnosis and monitoring, and now available in your home , removes the stress of a clinic visit when stress should be minimised. More diagnostically ultrasound can be used to image liver, spleen, heart, intestines and bladder . It is an invaluable aid in diagnosing diseases in these organs and most critically usually does not require sedation or anaesthesia.

Pet Travel

We are able to offer all the services that are required to facilitate your pet travelling overseas. We can provide PETs passport for travel to affiliated countries; this requires ID chipping, rabies vaccination, blood testing and paperwork. Export certificates to non-affiliated countries can also be actioned and the required tests carried out and these would need to be discussed on an individual basis.

Surgical Procedures and investigations

In the eventually that your pet requires a surgical procedure or investigation, this can obviously notbe achieved in your own home. Therefore we will organise for your pet to attend our own fully equipped surgical facility near Cranleigh. If you are able to transport and wish to transport your pet yourself you are welcome to do so, however if you are unable or your pet requires sedation for transport, we will happily transport your
pet for you to our clinic.


Although we will do everything we can to treat you pet at home, there may be an occasion where hospitalisation is required. In this situation your pet will need to attend our fully equipped surgical facility in Abinger Hammer to achieve the appropriate level of care. We are happy to provide transport in this situation but if you wish to see the facilities we are also more than happy to welcome you at the clinic.

Blood Tests

Blood tests can be carried out in your home; they will then be couriered to a nearby laboratory and the results obtained within 24 hours.


We have an extensive stock of pharmaceuticals which is updated daily to ensure they are available to you when required. We will, however, also supply you with a prescription should you prefer to obtain your medications from another pharmacy.


Unfortunately, euthanasia is a part of pet ownership and it is a very important part in order to save a pet from unnecessary suffering. It is also essential that this is as stress free and relaxed as possible for your pet, for you, and for any other pets you may have. Allowing your pet to pass peacefully at home allows them to avoid any anxiety a clinic visit may incur. We will endeavour to provide you with an unhurried and compassionate service for this most difficult time. We can also discuss with you on an individual basis what requirements you may have for cremation or burial.